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Maybe Your Beard Is as Dirty As a Toilet


Image credit: Kudla via Shutterstock

On the contrary to the news presentation originated from ‘KOAT’, the TV news network in New Mexico, beards do not house more poo than a toilet. Although it has little scientific values, the story saying that beards contain more poo that a toilet has gone popular all over the world.

As Nick Evershed within the Guardian said, the story was not based on the scientific research. To test its trueness, a reporter collected swabs of a tiny amount of men’s beards and then sent those samples to be analyzed by John Golobic, a microbiologist. In fact John did identify ‘enteric’ bacteria, which usually stay in the intestines. Talking of his findings, he said that such bacteria were normally discovered in feces, however,  bacteria related to with feces was not necessarily feces, which was an vital distinction seemingly ignored by so many people.

Enteric bacteria fall into the family of Enterobacteriaceae and they bring no harm as expected, even though some could be the cause of a disease, but it is unnecessary to be worried about these bacteria, because they could be seen everywhere. According to the explanation of Phillip M. Tierno, a microbiologist at New YorkUniversity, as a society, human beings are literally bathed in feces. For example, you could find them quite often, the keyboard of your computer, or the handbag you carry with every day. Therefore, fecal bacteria should not be concerned too much as a cause of disease.

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