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Monkey Appears to Revive Dying Companion


Image credit: Screen shot via gadhamasti

Recently a video showing that a rhesus macaque was trying to resuscitate his friend was quite popular on Internet. This event occurred at a train station in Northern India when one monkey   had been electrically shocked. In order to resuscitate him, this rhesus macaque had been poking and prodding at him for nearly twenty minutes, even trying hard to splash water on him. Fortunately, in the end, his unconscious friend did wake up. However, what were the real intentions of the helpful friend behind such kind endeavor?
According to the report of National Geographic, it is not totally clear how the death of their friends would affect the different primate species, but actually some recorded events have demonstrated that monkeys have shaken and bitten their dead friends. However, the reason for such action remains unknown.  Is it that they are confused at the sight of the other monkey failing to move, or is their intention to revive the individual.
What is your opinion of such motivation leading to those actions? Is there a deliberate motivation behind it at all?

Source: National Geographic