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NIST Team Sets New Distance Record for Quantum Teleportation

Quantum Teleportation

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The new breakthrough in quantum teleportation is not similar to that “classical” one you have seen in Star Trek. Now researchers have announced that they have broken the previous distance record for quantum teleportation, which could vital in regard to quantum computing, but it would not be so important in beaming people to a spacecraft. If you want to know more about quantum teleportation, please spare a few minutes to read the following.

Although the term “teleportation” is used by scientists, it is commonly known to be kind of a misnomer. Generally speaking Quantum teleportation is the transfer of information related to a photon over long distances. It is closely linked with reconstructing the quantum state – set of information – of a photon in a different place. In this case, the information was transported across 102 kilometers of optical fiber, four times further than it used to take. To know more about the way it works, you could refer to the information in regard to the last record.

Speaking of such newest breakthrough at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) laboratory in Colorado, it is revealed that scientists have used the latest ingle-photon detectors to enhance the distance of quantum teleportation. As only 1% of photons could make it all the way down the fiber, the detectors should be extraordinarily sensitive. In this research, scientists have succeeded in recording more than 80% of incoming photons. In the previous instances, fiber transmission led to a large loss of quantum data, thus resulting in impossible teleportation over long distances. As Marty Stevens at NIST said, it would not be possible for the team to complete such experiment without these new detectors, which were able to make measurement of this extremely weak signal.

The result of this study has been published in the journal Optica, giving detailed description about the way in which this technique would be applied to making “quantum repeaters,” which could repeatedly send the data over the greater distances. This important step could make it possible to create a high-speed and ultra-encrypted quantum Internet.

At present, scientists intend to boost the rate of teleportation in photons, because up to now the effect just happens in 25% of transmissions. Although it is the very remarkable start, more have to be done in improving this technique before it would  become really useful.

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