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Octopus Hide-and-Seek

wheres the octopus

Image credit: Roger Hanlon.

Like many other organisms, cephalopods belong to the class with chromatophores and cells that are pigmented so as to be capable of reflecting light.

In order to avoid predators and protect themselves, some species have the ability to change their coloring when it is necessary in case of emergency.

When Roger Hanlon, a senior researcher at Marine Biological Laboratory in Massachusetts, was engaged in study of cephalopod camouflage, he happened to see an octopus whom Roger had identified as the master of disguise, because he found that cephalopods were not only capable of changing their color, but also altering their texture.

If you want to know more about such unusual ability of cephalopods, you had better take time to view this amazing video. Do not be surprised when you can spot the octopus before it alters color.

Source: Science Friday