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Only Two Percent of People Can Multitask Well, Are You a Supertasker?

 Now that I have your undivided attention…


Driving & phoning Don’t do it. Unless you’re a supertasker. Then still don’t. Image credit: Ed Poor / Wikimedia Commons.

It is the bad behavior to make phone call while driving. Even if you are a supertasker in this respect, you should be extremely careful about it.

When people are engaged in doing multiple things at the same time, their ability would be much affected in doing such things satisfactorily. It is widely accepted that driving on cellphones is as dangerous as that while being drunk.

David Strayer from University of Utah thought that this inability to multi-task was universally applied to almost everyone. However, one special person could behave differently in the lab experiment. Given the pseudonym Cassie, this woman could do much better when asked to engage in multiple tasks instead of getting worse.

In the lab experiment, Cassie was thought to be amongst the two percent of people who were able to complete multitask very well. This kind of person is called as “supertaskers” by Strayer. Unlike most people, such persons as true outliers could do as well as when they were required to accomplish several challenging tasks at the same time.

Strayer and his team are now making efforts to identify the unique properties in the brains of this type of person. It is very interesting that people usually assume that they are supertaskers, even though they think that this kind of person is rare and they may belong to the catalogue.

According to the study of Strayer, the ninety-eight per cent of people were deceived by their instinct and often overrated their ability to multitask. Based on the finding of his team, when three hundred students were requested to rate their ability to multitask and then they compared students’ ratings to their actual multitasking performances. To their surprise, a strong inverse relationship was found in this respect; the students who thought to behave better are more likely to act below par.

So people should abandon their previous thinking that they are among the two percent of these special people and try to be careful when they are engaged in the challenging multitasks so as to avoid any possible danger in the daily life.

Source: Popular Science.