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Open Bionics Creates 3D-Printed Superhero Prosthetic Arms with Disney

3D-Printed Superhero Prosthetic Arms

Image credit: Open Bionics/Disney

Open Bionics,a robotics company based in U.K. and Disney have jointly developed the 3D-printed prosthetic arms, which would make both kids and even adult excited.

At present, three designs have been produced by the company, including a shining arm inspired by Elsa from Frozen, a robotic arm that appears to be similar with Tony Stark’s Iron Man in its design and a lightsaber-themed Star Wars hand. To be exactly cool enough, the lightsaber arm is equipped with the customized LED lights, creating the iconic lightsaber “wooosh” sound.

As part of the Disney Accelerator program, Disney authorizes Open Bionics to use its designs without any charge. Such program is initiated by both Disney and Techstars in order to boost innovation and creativity in the tech world.

Techstars is consisted of some tech geeks who offer investment and mentorship for startups. Their mentors are highly experienced people coming from big companies, like Amazon, Citymapper, Facebook and Nike.

Joel Gibbard is the founder of Open Bionics, which now is based Bristol, England. His company is quite famous for innovation in technology and engineering; as a result it has been won a quite number of awards in these areas.

Interviewed by The Independent, Joel Gibbard said that they had been approached by some adults who were interested in the lightsaber.

Speaking of this project, Joel Gibbard thought that the power of such prosthetics lay in the public perception that was totally different. To the surprise of these users, people did not ask how they lost their hand, instead people were eager to know where they got their smart robot hand, how did it feel like, and how did it function? In one word, it completely flipped the perception 180 degrees, because their greatest weakness perceived before had now turned to be their greatest strength.

It is much more amazing to know that these prosthetic arms are comparatively low priced. By application of 3D-printing technology, Open Bionics is capable of producing the prosthetics at a lower price than those made in the traditional way. It is expected that the cost of prosthetic arms would be lower than $3,000 (£1,940) and people could purchase them before the end of 2016.

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