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Living around green (or temporarily yellow) space helps slow cognitive decline among the elderly. Jenny Sturm/Shutterstock

Living Near Greenery Keeps Elderly People’s Minds Young

When you are getting older, you must be worried about dementia or a gradual loss of intellectual capacity. To face such an issue, you would get a lot of suggestions, such as caring about your diet or improved greater intellectual activity, which might be helpful in some way. However, you […]

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Stuart G Porter/Shutterstock

Eight Critically Endangered Black Rhinos Have Died During Move To National Park

When 14 black rhinos were moved from Nairobi to a national park in southern Kenya, something went terribly wrong, as a result, eight animals had been dead. Therefore, this project aiming to introduce the rhinos to the newly created Tsavo East National Park has now been temporally suspended and the remaining six […]

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Gene-edited cancer cells (green) attack tumor cells (red).  CSTI/Khalid Shah lab

Scientists Use Gene Editing To Trick Cancer Cells Into Killing Each Other

The battle against cancer is carried out on many fronts, such as surgery, drugs, preventative vaccinations, support for healthier lifestyles, and palliative care, They are important in the fight  against this terrible disease. In addition to all these measures, genetic alteration is another application available to take, and as a […]

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W. Scott McGill/Shutterstock

Our Ancient Diet Played A Part In Why Our Hands Look The Way They Do

It is the shape and dexterity of our hands that make it possible for us to write, paint, gesticulate and even take part in a fist fight. The common sense is that the nimble human hand evolved as our ancient ancestors started with using tools. However that might not be the […]

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Ireland will become the first country in the world to divest from fossil fuels, including peat (pictured). John and Penny/Shutterstock

Ireland Is About To Become The First Country In The World To Divest From Fossil Fuels

A bill has been passed by the Republic of Ireland, making the country as the first in the world who would divest from any investments held in fossil fuel companies. The bill has won the cross-party support recently and would be  expected to be submitted to the upper house of parliament […]

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Grisha Bruev/Shutterstock

Cool New Ear Implants Enable Deaf Gerbils To “Hear” Light

At present, an experimental technique has been successful in restoring some sense of hearing to deaf gerbils by application of  light. Although it is just the start of a proof-of-concept study, it does make it hopeful that one day doctors could use a similar method for treatment of hearing loss in humans. […]

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Evan Lorne/Shutterstock

Scientists May Have Discovered A Sixth Taste

It is commonly accepted that we humans can identify five tastes namely, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. The first four have been known for a long long period of time and it was   Democritus, the Ancient Greek philosopher who described the last of them, bitter, nearly2.5 thousand years ago. However, Umami, was […]

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Fear the raccoons and their toilet. Facanv/Shutterstock

Raccoon Toilets Found To Create An “Ecology Of Fear” In Other Animals

Raccoons may be linked with trawling through your trash, but in fact, they are pretty hygienic animals. When many raccoons are residing in the same location, they usually like to poop in the same place. So such situation turns out the issue that these raccoon toilets would present an ecology of […]

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The device, seen here, is small and totally harmless. Susan Shore

New Device Could Help Silence Tinnitus By Lightly Zapping The Brain

Tinnitus could be very annoying condition, however, there is now hope that the millions of people currently suffering from the chronic ringing in their ears will be somehow cured . By application of precisely timed blasts of sound and electrical pulses, this experimental device could “reset” the responsible nerve activity […]

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You wouldn't want the needles Professor Ryan Donnelly is holding, but the real thing is a tiny fraction of this size, to the point where we can barely see a patch being applied. University of Belfast

Microneedle Patches Could Slow Antibiotic Resistance’s Terrifying Rise

Skin patches that are made of thousands of tiny needles could be   capable of offering antibiotics directly to the bloodstream, by doing so, it could help avoid a major path for resistance to appear and spread. Like most methods of controlling bacterial disease, this is unlikely to prove a permanent solution, although it […]

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