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John Rolin/Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Brian Cox Explains Why We Haven’t Seen Aliens Yet – And It Isn’t Pretty

There is one of the most curious questions in the field of astronomy that has been existing for a quite long time. It says that if we think there is the high probability of extraterrestrial life living in the endlessly magnificent universe, why up to now, we have got any [...]

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A Star Is On A Collision Course With The Edge Of Our Solar System

According to the latest research released in Astronomy & Astrophysics, In 1.35 million years, a star will come even closer to our Solar System than it was previously estimated.it could potentially send a swarm of comets our way. This star has been named as Gliese 710 and it is nearly half [...]

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Thomas Galvez/Flickr CC BY 2.0

Here’s How Much Your Life Expectancy Goes Up If You’re Rich

Although a lot of progress have been made in affordable health care, medical technology, and education, a latest research shows that there does exist a growing disparity in terms of the life expectancy between high-income and low-income people living in the United States. The study done by Brookings Institution demonstrates that poorer people [...]

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A baby boy has been born using genetic material from three people. DmZ/Shutterstock

The World’s First Three-Parent Baby Has Been Born

Recently John Zhang, a pioneering scientist, has made breakthrough in assisting a Jordanian couple to have a baby with help of the genetic input from a third party. The baby boy was born in Mexico on April 6 this year. In this country, there is no laws banning such procedure [...]

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Genetics at its cutest. Soloviova Liudmyla/Shutterstock

Puppies Might Be Genetically Programmed to Love Humans

Although we have many shortcomings, it is nice to find out that someone really likes us, but they have no choice but naturally doing so. It is confirmed by the recently published study in the journal Scientific Reports that dogs’ love towards humans could be written into their genes.   Being [...]

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Did Neanderthals have the cognitive capacity to honor and mourn their dead? iurii/Shuttertock

Neanderthals May Have Held Fiery Funerals For Their Dead

There are some evidence showing that Neanderthals were practicing kind of ceremonial operation when they buried their beloved dead. Such evidence based on some outlandish cave funerals have been released not long ago. It was reported by archaeologist Enrique Baquedano and his team at meeting of the European Society for the [...]

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A. and I. Kruk

How Can Caffeine Affect Our Body and Brain

It is well-known that we would take three substances, namely coffee, tea, and cola, for our daily caffeine fix. But are you aware about how such colorless, odorless, tasteless drug would affect our brain and body when we are having these drinks? The fact is that caffeine could have impact [...]

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SpaceX Test of the SuperDraco Engine in 2014

SpaceX Began Testing Mars Rocket Engine

SpaceX has been working very hard to send a rocket to Mars in 2018. Now the company has officially declared that it has sent its new engine out for testing. If this project is successful,  SpaceX would be the first private company,which is able to another planet. The Raptor, the latest [...]

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What Is This Pink Blob Floating in The Indian Ocean?

What Is This Pink Blob Floating in The Indian Ocean?

It is widely accepted that the sea is dark with amazing terrors. However, sometimes it is not always terror as people think, because certain kinds of mysterious lifeforms, such as a bizarre purple blob, which was seen the coast of California not long ago, could bring some surprise to us. At [...]

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What you looking at? EVNautilus/YouTube

A Weird Googly-Eyed Squid Found on the Seafloor

When researchers were cruising off the coast of southern California in the Exploration Vessel Nautilus, they suddenly found a googly-eyed, cartoony-looking squid on the seafloor. From the video on the spot, we can hear one of scientists was exclaiming that these squids looked like such googly eyes that they appeared so fake! [...]

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