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Detailed image of the Tarantula Nebula from Hubble. NASA/ESA/E. Sabbi (STScI)

There Might Be More Big Stars In The Universe Than We Thought

It is suggested from some latest observations that the number of large stars have been underestimated and in fact these form in starburst events. If this discovery is more than just an exception to the rule, there could come some consequences for many astronomical theories. According to a report released from […]

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Artist's impression of ICON. NASA Goddard's Conceptual Image Lab/B. Monroe

NASA Spacecraft To Study Little-Known Region Of Earth’s Atmosphere

NASA is preparing to launch two spacecraft to better understand the little-known portion of Earth’s atmosphere this year. These two spacecrafts will monitor the way in which our ionosphere interacts with space. The first of the two missions is called GOLD, namely the Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk, […]

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DNA Marker In Blood Could Reveal Ovarian Cancer One Year Earlier Than Before

A group of researchers has discovered that ovarian cancer could be identified earlier more than one year due to a latest method of spotting DNA patterns in blood samples. The research was released in the journal of Genome Medicine,  by scientists from University College London. The team found a region of […]

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Cancer cells. Dr Cecil Fox/National Cancer Institute/Public Domain

A Virus Could Be Used To Attack Incurable Brain Cancers

For most people, it is quite easy to regard viruses as the sworn enemy. However, if their power are correctly utilized, they could be awesome companions in some sense. A recent study by the University of Leeds in the UK has demonstrated the way in which a virus could be […]

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The black holes may have originated in a 'dumbbell' shape like this. NASA

Those Gravitational Wave Black Holes May Have Merged Inside A Massive Star

  Not long ago, scientists have found gravitational waves for the first time from merging black holes. And then there are too many follow-up stories to miss. Now a new missions has already been implemented in search for visible light linked with the merger event. Surprisingly, an intriguing piece of research has emerged, being associated […]

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Men tend to find it more difficult to decipher sarcasm than women. Syda Productions/Shutterstock

How To Scientifically Tell When Someone Is Lying

Often in conversation, people would make joke with sarcasm and intend to go for small “white” lies with one another. Generally speaking, it is easy for most to tell when someone is telling the truth, and when someone is simply making a joke, However in some cases, the distinction can […]

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Wave-interference like in this image happens within resonators. EPFL

The Solution To A Century-Old Physics Problem Might Lead To Better Telecommunications And Cloaking Devices

During a long period of more than 100 years, it is kind of a concept called the Q factor that has regulated the electronic devices. It is necessary for devices to have a small bandwidth, If they are storing a lot of energy for a long time, or vice-versa. As far […]

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CI photos/Shutterstock

Scientists Reverse Huntington’s Disease In Mice Using CRISPR

Researchers have made some initial but promising achievements in a potential treatment of Huntington’s disease. With the help of such genetic therapy named as CRISPR, the scientists were capable of offering a permanent therapeutic cure to this condition in mice. Known as a fatal neurodegenerative disorder,  Huntington’s disease is caused […]

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Scientists Have Managed To Erase Memories In A Snail’s Brain

According to the result from a study on experiments in snails, it has been found out that there existed the possibility to delete memories that cause anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD. The discovery was released in the journal Current Biology and the research team came from Columbia […]

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A Broken Heart May Cause Long-Term Damage To Your Health

It is found from a study funded by the British Heart Foundation that it is possible for “broken heart syndrome” to cause lasting damage to our bodies. Also known as Takotsubo syndrome in a technical term , it refers to the way in which a stressful event such as the death […]

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