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Rare Snubfin Dolphin Spotted

Rare snubfin dolphin

Image credit: Rare snubfin dolphin seen off the coast of Australia. Queensland National Parks / Facebook

Recently, a rare, shy and pretty smart snubfin dolphin was found off the coast of Australia.

Being a vulnerable and endangered species on the IUCN Red List, the snubfin dolphin is regarded as kind of snubfins that travel the Hinchinbrook Channel.

Emma Schmidt is a ranger of QueenslandParks and Wildlife Service and she discovered the enjoyable dolphin jumping out of the water along with 10 humpback dolphins. In her experience of a ranger for the past twelve years, it was her second time to come across a snubfin.

In the interview with the local newspaper, she said that the snubfins were very rare and it was her luck to take such photo was just pure luck. When she and her colleagues were going to SunkenReefBay, she found this smart little snubby among a group of about 10 Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins.

The snubfin is so named because it has small, triangular dorsal fin. It also own a blunted, round head and is able to change its color from brownish-grey to pale white.

Like many coastal dolphins all over the world, snubfins are facing the threats caused by coastal development as well as accidental entanglement in fishing gear.

Source: Townsville BulletinDiscovery