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Relax, NASA Has NOT Predicted a Worldwide Blackout in December


Image credit: NASA Earth Observatory

In spite of being debunked time and again, some hoaxes have been repeatedly circulated year after year, for example, the one hoax claimed that Mars would look as huge as the moon. And another hogwash claim like this confirmed that NASA had predicted a three-day world-wide blackout in December owing to alignment of the universe. It was supposed that such events would temporarily make the Earth go through different dimensions so as to lead to significant changes.

Contrary to the truth, it would never actually happen and all these hoaxes were totally bullshit, because NASA never claimed that anything even in the far remote positions similar to that sequence of events would occur ever.

When debunking this hoax, Snopes has already given his explanations in this respect.

As American scientists predicted the three-day blackout of planet from Dec 23 2012, a big change in the Universe, It was not really the end of the world rather than an alignment of the Universe. At that time, the Sun and the earth would align for the first time of the history. Therefore instead of the current third dimension, the earth would shift to zero dimension, then shift to the forth dimension. During such period of transition, the whole Universe would come across a big change and the totally brand new world would be presented as a result.

A lot of people believed that three-day blackout would take place on Dec 23, 24, 25….when everyone should stay calm, hug each other, pray for the God, and sleep for three nights. …and those survivors would welcome a brand new world, but for those who had not well-prepared, many would be dead due to fear.

Such absurdity started in 2012, when everyone was stuck by the paranoia over the Mayan calendar which had predicted the end of the world. More badly, the rumor went around predicting that this black-out would begin on December 21, when everyone was supposed to die.

When Charles Bolden, NASA administrator released a  video advocating that people should be prepared for emergency, this frenzy was further fed by it. In fact the video was not especially targeted on any upcoming event; it was just intended to offer good information for maintenance of safety provisions in the case of emergency, such as earthquakes, floods or tornadoes. Many people who wanted to perpetuate the conspiracy thought Bolden’s video was very supportive to their obscene claims, because the video seemed to be an official warning for the upcoming events.

In 2009, E. C. Krupp, Director of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, writing an article for Sky & Telescope Magazine, had debunked any notion of anything bad that would occur in 2012. He confirmed that the cosmological alignment would not be potentially harmful. Although he tried very hard to get everything very clear in advance, the rumors still went around the world.

It is suggested that everyone should believe in science and get rid of keeping revamp this insanity year after year. What we need to do is forget the panic or show little concern about this. When someone talks of this malarkey, you should correct their mistakes politely and then probably make more better friends.