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Researchers Find New Species of Sand-Dwelling Plant in Bolivia, Paraguay

Biologists have described a new species of moonseed plant from the dry forests and transient sand dunes of Bolivia and Paraguay.

Cissampelos arenicola

Cissampelos arenicola, herbarium. Image credit: Ortiz RdC / MH Nee.

Falling into the catalogue of Cissampelos, this new species is a genus of flowering plants in the moonseed family of Menispermaceae.

Like the most members of Menispermaceae, Cissampelos plants are dioecious. Such plants can be easily found in different individuals.

The plant is named as Cissampelos arenicola with unusual morphological character of the small leaves, eight anther-cells in the male flowers, and a large endocarp, the kind of a bony tissue covering the curved seed.

With highness of five meters and diameter of five millimeters, Cissampelos arenicola grows in twisted viny masses in shrubs and small trees. Its Leaves are spiral and ovate. Such plant is easily found in seasonal forests and in dunes of northwestern Paraguay and southern Bolivia.

The detailed information about Cissampelos arenicola has been released in the open-access journal of PhytoKeys, on Internet recently.

Journal reference:

Ortiz RdC, MH Nee. 2014. A new species of Cissampelos (Menispermaceae) from Bolivia and Paraguay. PhytoKeys 38: 89–99; doi: 10.3897/phytokeys.38.6504