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Researchers Get First Look into the Mysterious Siberian Crater

Siberian crater

Image credit: Screen shot from YouTube video by The Siberian Times

Recently Russian scientists went to Yamal, Siberia of Russia, for investigation of the mysterious crater there. At the same time, the Siberian Times hired a helicopter to take an aerial view of the hole.

On the basis of the first video taken at the crater, the scientist estimated that the width of the crater could be up to 80 meters. But in the interview with the Siberian Times, Andrey Plekhanov from the State Scientific Centre of Arctic Research said that the width of the hole was nearly 30 meters and the diameter of outer portion including the soil emission reached about 60 meters. In their attempt, the scientists were capable of taking the first look at the icy lake, which was located at the bottom of the 70-meters-deep hole. In order to identify the cause of its formation, the samples of air, soil, and water have been collected for further analysis.

The preliminary results showed that the hole was taken shape within the last two years. But the satellite data was under careful examination to identify the exact date of its first appearance. Additionally, Plekhanov explained that it was thought to be an ejection from within the permafrost rather than an explosion, because no release of heat had been observed.

It was initially speculated by some scientists that as the area had been remained in the shape of permafrost for over thousands of years, natural gas had been trapped underground in ice. However, owing to the thawed ground and warmth of the gas, the increased pressure could cause the hole by the outward ejection. In the year of 2012 and 2013 respectively, the summers were extremely warm in the region, but there was still a long way to go for scientists before they could be able to find out a specific cause in this respect.

As more people are eager to know the results of processing and analyzing of these samples, you may take a closer look at the mysterious formation by watching this video.