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Russia Is Using an Ingenious Method to Stop People Abusing Disabled Parking Spots


Image credit: Bird Strategy/YouTube

Among the most disgusting type of people, you may think those parking in designated spaces for disabled should be included. At present, Dislife, one Russian organization, has worked out an ingenious way to make such violators think carefully before doing so.

It is quite usual to ignore the sign painted onto the parking tarmac for disabled space, if you’re that way inclined. Therefore, the staff of Dislife developed a hologram that shows up when a car without a disabled permit drives into a specially designated parking spot.

It works through dispersing a thin layer of air saturated with water. A moving image of a person in a wheelchair is then projected onto this layer so as to produce the perception of a three-dimensional hologram in front of the driver. In addition, accompanied by the moving image, one could hear the sound, announcing loudly “Stop! What are you doing? I’m not just a sign on the ground.”

This latest technology has been widely applied into many business centers and shopping malls in Moscow, as well as Aviapark, the biggest mall in Europe. It is hoped that such practice would be helpful in promoting the current struggle for the rights of disabled people in Russia.

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