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Scientists Discovered Early Image of Jesus Christ at Oxyrhynchus, Egypt


This image, found in a mysterious underground structure at Oxyrhynchus, is thought to be one of the earliest paintings of Jesus Christ. Image credit: © University of Barcelona.

In the site excavation of Oxyrhynchus, the ancient city in Egypt, a group of archaeologists from Spain and France have found one of the earliest known images of Jesus Christ so far.

The archaeological site is located about 160 km south-southwest of Cairo, where Prof Josep Padro from the University of Barcelona and his team discovered a stone structure underground, which could be dated back to the period of the 6th to 7th centuries CE.

In an underground room measuring 8 m long and 3.75 m deep, the archaeologists have found an image of a young man with curly hair, who was dressed in a short tunic and raised his hands in the manner of giving a blessing. Such image could be one of the earliest paintings of Jesus Christ and is believed to be painted by Coptic Christians based on the study of Prof Josep Padro and his team.

In their finding, they also discovered the tomb of a scribe at Oxyrhynchus. As Prof Padro said, at the archaeological site of Oxyrhynchus, people had found the thousands of papyri, but it was the first time that the tome of a scribe was discovered there. In his tomb, some working tools —an ink pot full of ink and two pens were also brought to light.

Although the archaeologists have not found any inscriptions identifying the status of the scribe, but the remains did demonstrate that he was 17 years old and lived during the period of Coptic Roman.

Source: Sci-News