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Secret Geographically Accurate London Underground System Map Revealed

London underground map

Image credit: The geographically accurate version. Transport for London

If it was your first time to look at the London underground map, you would possibly think that there was not so much to talk about. With color-coded lines, dots and zones, it is quite simple to use your finger to plan a trip.

However, local residents and regular visitors in the city are clear that it is not entirely accurate. Distance between points, as well as the exact location of these points, often fails to reflect real distances or locations in relation to other areas. Take Embankment for instance, the map would make you think that Waterloo and Charing Cross are similar distances from it. Actually the latter is only a stone’s throw away, but the former is around 10 minutes’ walk across the Thames.

Transport for London

The original. Transport for London

Now not so many people care about this problem, as the map is seemingly doing well. However, in fact, Transport for London did have a geographically accurate version; they were reluctant to let it public. Considering this situation, last year Mr. James Burbage wrote to the company, asking for its release. According to the Freedom of Information Act, the company had to reveal it. It is certain that it appears entirely different, and helps you understand the reason why the misleading version might be welcomed.

The original and easy-to-understand map plastered around underground stations was produced by Harry Beck eight years ago, who stripped back the very complicated network into a series of neat, easily traceable lines. Initially it was regarded to be “too radical,” however, it was actually the version that tube riders appreciated, and at present it has become kind of icon. Although its remastered version was not popular among the tube riders, it should be very useful for engineering works. You can check it out in more detail here.

Source: The Independent

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