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See the Three-Foot-Long Worms that Mate in Human Abdomen


Image credit: Screen capture from Gross Science YouTube video

As kind of parasite, a guinea worm could be harmful to the human being. If the nematode is harbored inside the body of a person, he would be infected with guinea worm disease with remarkable symptoms, such as fever, pain and swelling, in some case, a white worm would poke its heads out of a person’s skin through a blister.

Such annoying parasite has brought disaster to Asia and Africa, which would disable individuals having a secondary infection. At present, there are no effective drugs for treatment of the disease, so we have to take some preventative measures against it, for example, any potentially polluted water should be filtered. The Carter Center has been making efforts to get rid of guinea worm disease in the world since the international campaign was launched in 1986.

Thanks to hard work, the species is close to eradication in 2015. If you want to know more about it, please go watch a video by Gross Science, a new PBS Digital Studios YouTube show: