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Seven Myths about Space You Might Believe


Image credit: NASA/Hubble Heritage Team

You would not be surprised to know that some of the things you have learnt at school are actually totally wrong. It is commonly accepted that human understanding of the Earth as well as the Universe are always under constant shift, as we are getting further to know more about how and why things exist as they do.

Therefore, were you aware that the Sun is neither yellow, nor orange, nor any fire-like color? In fact the color of the Sun is bright white. And did you also believe that if a black hole took shape nearby, then our Solar System would be immediately sucked inside of it. However, the truth is that if our Sun were to turn into a black hole, we would keep orbiting it just like we are doing now.

If you want to get the detailed explanations about more space myths you possibly still believe that they are true, you should go watch the video at Matthew Santoro.