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Shark Vs Shark: Battle between Giant Great White Sharks Caught on Camera

shark vs shark

Image credit: Adam Malski/Nick Johnson/Kyle Waters. Two great white sharks do battle off Australia’s coast

At the site 50 kilometers away from the coast of Neptune Islands in South Australia, Diver Adam Malski happened to film an unusual battle between two great white sharks. NeptuneIslands are regarded as a popular tourist attraction to watch great white sharks. In Malski’s film, the attacker was Carcharodon carcharias known as Gilbert, which was 4.8 meter long. However, the unnamed smaller shark had disappeared since the battle, so Malski was not sure whether this smaller shark was still alive or not.

The amazing fight might give explanation to what happened to this three-meter-long great white from the electronic tag tied on him, which was washed up on a beach, providing the information that the shark had spent eight days in the belly of a larger great white shark, presumablly its predator.

If you are interested in this battle between sharks, you could go watch the following video to see more vivid illustrations.