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Slow Motion Video of a Underwater Bullet

Underwater Bullet

Image credit: The Slow Mo Guys.

On YouTube, you may happen to watch a channel called the Slow Mo Guys, which presents many amazing videos about daily events getting featured in slow motion, for example, here you can see that a mouse traps is going off, or paint is bouncing around on a speaker,or deploying an air bag…. Etc all is videoed in stunning slow motion.

Of its collection on the channel, one of the most amazing video is related with shooting a pistol underwater, which is videoed at the speed 1000 times slower than that in our real life.

Is it possible to shoot a gun underwater? The answer is definitely yes. In this case, the gunpowder is stored within the bullet cartridge, which prevents it from getting wet by the water. Once the trigger is pulled, the firing pin would hit the primer, thus igniting the propellant and the fire is made. As long as the bullet casing is intact, so it is possible to shoot a gun underwater.

After discharge of the bullet is achieved, the water is forced out of the way. Such momentum from the water can release the gas by the propellant so as to expand it outward more than it usually does. As the gas is cooled and the momentum of water slows, the bubble would be squeezed down by the water.

Owing to the water resistances, which can greatly slow the bullet, it would go with a distance of a few feet. However, you are strongly advised not to try this at your pool, because it is really dangerous if you cannot handle it properly. And furthermore, you should remember to use your firearms responsibly at any time under any circumstance.

Go full screen for this one. It’s pretty badass.