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Sorry, There Is No Such Thing as “Astronaut Ice Cream”

Astronaut Ice Cream

Image credit: We’ll never trust anyone again. Evan-Amos/Wikimedia

You should have heard or seen the “freeze-dried” packets of astronaut food which are sold in museum gift shops or novelty stores. We would be curious to know what taste and texture astronauts could have, whether it is banana flavor or ice cream one.

However, if you are told it might be not true, will you be surprised to know this?

That is the exact conclusion drawn from an entertaining video by Vox’s Phil Edwards. After the careful study of the historic NASA transcripts, they discovered that usage of ice cream was just mentioned once on Apollo 7, the space mission in 1968. According to astronaut Walt Cunningham, the only surviving member of that crew, he had never tasted such food.

Being notorious for its crumbliness, the ice cream could bring disaster to space missions, because their crumbs could float around, thus damaging instruments. So, it is quite unlikely that it had been ever taken to space. It is the saying of Jennifer Levasseur, museum curator at the National Air and SpaceMuseum.

In his interview with NASA in 2005, food scientist Vickie Kloeris said that at the request of Apollo astronauts, astronaut ice cream was really produced, because it was not welcomed by most of the crew, so it was not used anymore.

Furthermore, it is highly unlikely to be tasted on historic missions; it’s even more unlikely to be seen in the modern day, since astronauts now are able to enjoy actual food in space, for example, the real ice cream, so in this case, no astronaut prefer to having those crumbly, chalky, bad-tasting alternatives.

Sorry to make you feel cheated! You now know astronaut ice cream could probably just exist in the gift shop on the International Space Station.

If you would like to know more about the story, please go watch the following video from Vox.