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SpaceX Began Testing Mars Rocket Engine


SpaceX Test of the SuperDraco Engine in 2014

SpaceX has been working very hard to send a rocket to Mars in 2018. Now the company has officially declared that it has sent its new engine out for testing. If this project is successful,  SpaceX would be the first private company,which is able to another planet.

The Raptor, the latest rocket would be twice powerful than Merlin, which is the current engine powering the Falcon 9 rocket. With 230 metric tonnesof thrust, it is nearly similar to the main engines of the space shuttle. Mars Colonial transporter would employ a cluster of nine of these rockets. But the Red Dragon would not do with it when it will go to Mars in 2018.

At the Small Satellite Conference held in McGregor, Texas, Gwynne Shotwell, president of SpaceX announced that his company had transported the Raptor to its testing facility. This must be very helpful for the ambitious objective of repeated Mars missions, because generally speaking, full-scale testing would be carried out at the end of the technology development phase.

As Musk, the founder of SpaceX said previously, the main aim of setting up this company was to start a human colony on Mars, although no details have been released about the 2018 mission would be supposed to do.

It might just have a scientific goal, or the company intends to show that SpaceX is technologically capable of such exploration of the Solar System. Now this engine is on its early stage, but it could be the one to take humans to Mars in the future.

Although NASA is competitive with Musk’s company in any other field, it has announced that it would like to exchange  information with SpaceX on the mission. As for the space agency’s journey to Mars, any data would be vital, because it aims to have astronauts landed on Mars in the 2030s.

Besides the successful rocket testing, there are more good news for SpaceX, for it has satisfactorily finished its sixth barge landing, even if the launch and reentry were very difficultly implemented because of the height the rocket had to travel to on this occasion.

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