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Image credit: Screenshot via YouTube user KYLYKaHYT

Concrete Cast of Ant Nest Unearths Giant Underground Metropolis

In the daily life, you may notice an anthill above the ground and accept it as the usual thing, but if you have the chance to go to the hidden underground network, you would find it amazing. To realize such expectation, scientists have spent several months to make a cast […]

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Image credit: Bryce McQuillan via Wikimedia

Ants Employ Scorched Earth Tactics to Fight against Spiders

Well-known for the ferociously attacking with its sting and its jaws at the same time, the bulldog ant called as Myrmecia pyriformis is regarded as “most dangerous ant” in the world. Living in the dry forests of eastern Australia, such ants are the natural enemies of Delena cancerides, the the social huntsman spider, […]

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Image credit: PLOS ONE.

A Unique Wasp Eats Spiders and Stack Up Corpses of Stinging Ants

Maybe bone-house wasps listen to too much Slayer. Have you heard of the bone-house wasp before? It is amazing that this newly-found Chinese wasp species shows no fear of spiders; instead it is capable of killing spiders with a sting and storing the arachnids as food for its eggs. Being […]

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