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Image credit: Autism is five times more common among boys than girls. Dubova/Shutterstock

UNC Scientists Discover How a Single Genetic Mutation Can Cause Autism

As sort of quite complicated disorder, Autism is believed to be caused by the various kinds of factors genetically and environmentally. In word, we’re not actually aware of the real reason for autism, however, a latest breakthrough could be helpful in moving us further to know it better. Recently scientists […]

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Image credit: hepingting, "Autism," via Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

Scientists Find Autism Can Be Largely Down to Genes

While it is not quite clear about how autism is caused at present, both genetics and the environment are closely linked with it according to the prevailing idea. However, it is still difficult to establish the relevant contributions of these two factors associated with autism. Based on the investigation of […]

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