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Image credit: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, via Defense Tech

A Paralyzed Woman Flew an F-35 Fighter Jet Simulator Using Only Her Mind

  Not long ago, it was reported that a paralyzed woman was able to control a robotic arm just by her mind, which was made possible because of a novel brain-machine interface system and an experimental robotics program initiated by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It is amazing now that […]

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Image credit: Brain regions showing significantly greater activation in the high-trauma-exposed group in response to stress cues, compared to the low-trauma-exposed group / 2015 J. Elsey et al., Nature Publishing Group

Trauma in Childhood Is Found to Alter Neural Responses to Stress

It is said that earlier experience of trauma in life has been attributed to anxiety, depression, obesity as well as substance abuse in later stage of life. After the examination of brain scans of 64 teenagers, researchers have confirmed that such psychiatric disorders or risky behaviors might result in changed […]

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Image credit: Cells displaying Purkinje cell markers. Credit: RIKEN

Growing Functioning 3D Brain Tissue from Stem Cells

The primary aim of study on stem cell is targeted at creation of functional replica tissues and organs to be used as replacements in case of disease or injury, or for further development of drugs as well as other kinds of therapeutic techniques. Although it has been challenging to get tissues […]

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Image credit: Peter Burnett/iStockphoto

Spinal Circuit for Light Touch and Fine Motor Control Helps You Walk on Ice

At present, many residents living in Northern Hemisphere are having their coldest days in winter and some of them are good at walking on top of ice. According to the latest study done by the scientists from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California, it is suggested that apart […]

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Image credit: Tarasyuk Igor / Image ID: 146471507 / Shutterstock

Researchers Identify Neurons in the Brain Circuit That Regulates Thirst

To stay alive, it is necessary for people to satisfy their aspiration for water. The benefits of drinking water include flushing the waste out of the body, cushioning joints, assisting the delivery of oxygen to cells, helping digestion, and making the brain act properly. Without water, fundamental physical processes would start […]

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Image credit: Researchers have successfully devised a robot capable of giving otherwise healthy people that "feeling of a presence" (FoP) phenomenon, simply by sending mixed-up sensorimotor signals to the brain / Alain Herzog/EPFL

This Robot Makes You Feel Like There Is a Ghost behind You

Do you have the experience of feeling a ghost in your room? After studying several patients with neurological conditions scientists confirmed that they had identified where the phenomenon of such feeling came from. Therefore, they did build a robot that could be bale to recreate that very same feeling by […]

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photo credit: Ben Brahim Mohammed

Open Blood-Brain Barrier to Treat Cancer

The blood-brain barrier is vital to our life, but in some cases, it might pose big obstacle to medical treatment to save life. It has been claimed by CarThera, a French company that it has identified an approach to open the barrier whenever necessary and close it again afterwards. Being […]

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Image credit: Flickr Commons: Allan Ajifo, aboutmodafinil.com

Could Telepathy Actually Exist in Real Life?

It has been long–standing hot topic in regard to the existence of telepathy for decades; and neuroscientists have been trying very hard to work out brain-to-brain communication. However many people are wondering whether it could really possible. If you are quite interested in telepathy, you had better watch the following […]

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Image credit: MarkSweep, Wikimedia Commons

Your Brain on Coffee

Do you fancy having a cup of hot coffee after you get up every morning? If the answer is confirmative, a lot of people think so as you do. It is widely accepted that coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world. However, do you know about the […]

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Image credit: Redfishingboat (Mick O) via Flickr

Study Finds Why Teenaged Boys Are Prone to Risky Behaviors

It seems that teenaged boys are especially predisposed to risky and weird behaviors. Based on a series of 19 new studies, published in the latest edition of Developmental Neuroscience, scientists, by studying brain mechanisms, try to identify the mysterious inner workings of the juvenile male brain. According to Pradeep Bhide of […]

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