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Image credit: Roger Hanlon.

Octopus Hide-and-Seek

Like many other organisms, cephalopods belong to the class with chromatophores and cells that are pigmented so as to be capable of reflecting light. In order to avoid predators and protect themselves, some species have the ability to change their coloring when it is necessary in case of emergency. When […]

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Paratropis tuxtlensis, adult female protecting her egg sac. Image credit: Valdez-Mondragón A et al.

A New Species of Spider with Unique Camouflage Found in Mexico

A new species of spider have been found in a tropical rainforest in Veracruz, Mexico by the group of entomologists led by Dr Alejandro Valdez-Mondragón. Named as Paratropis tuxtlensis, this new species was cataloged into the enigmatic family of Paratropididae. Like other members of this spider family, Paratropis tuxtlensis also have […]

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