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Image credit: Cell-targeting DNA nano-robots bearing antibody-fragment payloads, from S.M. Douglas et al. 2012 Science / Campbell Strong, Shawn Douglas, & Gaël McGill

DNA Nanorobots Are Developed to Fight Cancer Cells in Human Trial

It is hoped by scientists that nanobots built completely of DNA would help save the life of patient with the critically ill leukemia. Such nanobots are designed to identify cancer cells and then kill them, at the mean time; they would do little harm to healthy cells. However, at this […]

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Image credit: Khalid Shah. Toxin-producing stem cells (blue) attack a mouse brain tumor (green) that his hard to reach by other methods.

Scientists Develop Cancer-Killing Stem Cells in Lab

Scientists have been able to produce stem cells which could give off chemicals to kill cancer cells, thus providing the approach to the battle against serious tumors. Stem cells have turned to be the target of medical research because of their capacity to turn into the cells which could build […]

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Image credit: Michael Bernkopf / Vetmeduni Vienna.

Antibody Treatment for Dogs with Cancer

Like human being, dogs can also get cancers, which is similar to human cancer. Recently Austrian researchers discovered that the receptor proteins covering the surface of different canine tumors had ninety-one percent similarities with human cancers. To find more in this respect, the scientists took antibodies from mice and tweaked them […]

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