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Image credit: Ken Hawkins.

A New Energy Storage Solution Using Cigarette Butts

Each year, there are 5.6 trillion cigarette butts (weighing 766,571 metric tons) being thrown into the environment all over the world today. However, according to the article published in the recent edition of Nanotechnology, scientists are now trying to turn such waste into a useful thing, kind of material which could be […]

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Image credit: Zhang et al., 2014 Journal of Materials Chemistry.

A Lithium-Ion Battery Can Be Stretched by 600%

According to the study published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry, a group of scientists from Fudan University, China, has developed kind of lithium-ion battery with the superb stretch up to 600%, but at the same time, it is still capable of maintaining its amazing electrochemical properties. At present, stretchy electronic […]

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