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Image credit: Backyard Brains.

What Will Happen When You Play Music through a Squid

In order to really visualize neuron action potential, bioamplifiers are designed to apply impulses for stimulation of muscle movement. To such purpose,¬†Backyard Brains established by Greg Gage and Tim Marzullo have been selling bioamplifiers named as SpikerBoxes¬†to allow scientists and students to explore neuroscience at-home. It is just connect electrodes […]

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Image credit: Roger Hanlon.

Octopus Hide-and-Seek

Like many other organisms, cephalopods belong to the class with chromatophores and cells that are pigmented so as to be capable of reflecting light. In order to avoid predators and protect themselves, some species have the ability to change their coloring when it is necessary in case of emergency. When […]

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