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Image credit: Hot peppers are loaded with capsaicin, which binds to pain receptors in the mouth. CC0 Public Domain

Why You Should NOT Drink Water after Eating Hot Peppers

If you want to know the reason why eating some spicy foods would make your mouth feel like being on fire, you should watch a video recently released by the American Chemical Society. From the video, you could learn the secret related to some of the world’s most excruciating dishes. […]

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Image credit: Reactions - American Chemical Society. You know pizza is delicious. But do you ever think about why?

The Chemistry of Pizza

As a very popular food, pizza is well-received all over the world. However many people are not sure about the reason why they much appreciate its taste. Just like other kinds food, it is attributed to chemistry. The following video is the introduction presented by the American Chemical Society to […]

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