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Image credit: Water vapor escaping from a mouth. Screenshot/Physics Girl

How to Make a Cloud in Your Mouth

  When being asked about this question, you might be thinking of the need of smoke. However this trick is not related to smoke, or inhaling anything at all, instead a normal breath will do. If you want to make a cloud in your own mouth, you can follow a […]

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Image credit: Alex Schueth

Incredible Tims-Lapse Video of Asperatus Clouds Reminds Us that Clouds Could Also Act as Fluid

If you want to know more about Asperatus clouds, you had better watch this extremely gorgeous time-lapse of Asperatus clouds taken by storm-chaser Alex Schueth in¬†Lincoln NE, on July 7¬†2014 It was only in 2009 when Asperatus clouds were classified by scientists; because they are so rare to be noticed. […]

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