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Image credit: Fossilized Acanthodes bridgei with eye tissues intact / Tanaka et al., Nature Communications

New Fossil Fish Discovery Suggests Color Vision at Least 300 Million-Years-Old

Just like human beings, the visual system of fish is dependent on the retina’s light-sensitive receptors known as rods which are twilight vision and cones responsible cones for daylight vision. Based on examination of 300-million-year-old fish, scientists have found the fossilized rods and cones for the first time ever.   They […]

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Image credit: Vsauce.

Are We Viewing the Same Red Color?

It is probably a question for many of us: are we viewing colors in the same way? For sure, there exist people with disorders such as color blindness that may skew their perceptive function for colors. However, among the rest of us who have normal color vision, are we certain […]

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