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Image credit: Anh Nguyen and Amy Banic.

3DTouch Works in Three Dimensions and Can Potentially Replace Computer Mouse

The researchers from University of Wyoming have recently developed a new wearable gadget named as 3DTouch, which would bring the revolution in the novel approach to our interaction with computers. As a useful tool, the computer mouse has maintained its dominance in the way we have been interacting with computers […]

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Image credit: Sam Kaplan.

The Science of Bubbles

More than just good for a bath, bubbles are a focus of new research. Bubbles are quite common seen in our daily life. Usually they are simply regarded to be beverage enhancers or kind of entertainment for the kids. However, scientists see bubbles in a totally different way. In addition […]

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Slime mold (Physarum polycephalum).
Image credit: Dr. Jonatha Gott and the Center for RNA Molecular Biology, Case Western Reserve University.

Computing With Slime: Building Logical Circuits with Living Slime Molds

The computer in the future could be much slimier than the solid silicon one we are using now. European researchers has released the result of their study in the journal┬áMaterials Today, providing details of logic units being built with living slime molds, which might function as the building blocks for […]

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