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Image credit: Tatiana Shepeleva/shutterstock

US Military Develops “Self-Steering” Bullets that Can Hit a Mobile Target

  If you think that the study on robotic pack animals, initiated by the U.S. Department of Defense, is not so that terrifying, their tests on ‘self-steering’ bullets in February could be unnerving with the progress made so far. This project is known as EXACTO. With a video released by the […]

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Image credit: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, via Defense Tech

A Paralyzed Woman Flew an F-35 Fighter Jet Simulator Using Only Her Mind

  Not long ago, it was reported that a paralyzed woman was able to control a robotic arm just by her mind, which was made possible because of a novel brain-machine interface system and an experimental robotics program initiated by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. It is amazing now that […]

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