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Image credit: In the search for ways to store data permanently, ETH researchers have been inspired by fossils / Philipp Stössel / ETH Zurich

DNA Hard Drive Can Preserve Data for a Few Millennia

With inspiration from fossilized bones, scientists have discovered an approach to preservation of data in the form of DNA enclosed in silica. Being released in the recent edition of Angewandte Chemie, such discovery findings could allow digital information to be permanently preserved, or for millions of years. While ancient scrolls […]

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Images credit: Vuckovic Lab

Scientists Take Big Step Towards Using Light instead of Wires in Computers

Compared with electricity which can transmit data via wires, light should be more efficient in this regard. However, there is still some problem in the way to make it reliably work in a computer. Recently a group of engineers headed by Jelena Vuckovic of StanfordUniversity has announced a brand-new “optical […]

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