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Image credit: Brain regions showing significantly greater activation in the high-trauma-exposed group in response to stress cues, compared to the low-trauma-exposed group / 2015 J. Elsey et al., Nature Publishing Group

Trauma in Childhood Is Found to Alter Neural Responses to Stress

It is said that earlier experience of trauma in life has been attributed to anxiety, depression, obesity as well as substance abuse in later stage of life. After the examination of brain scans of 64 teenagers, researchers have confirmed that such psychiatric disorders or risky behaviors might result in changed […]

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Image credit:Vincent van Gogh.

A New Blood Test Is Able to Diagnose Depression

It is not always easy in our life; sometimes people are depressed for one reason or another. Among American adults, one out of ten is consistently getting the blues.¬†As really serious mood disorder, a person with clinical depression¬†can experience relentless negative feelings which can not be easily overcome or got […]

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