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Image credit: Christine Danilof/MIT, based on images by Schoellhammer and Traverso

Novel Drug Delivery Capsule May Substitute Injections

As we know, if we are ill, we need some kinds of medications for treatment, but these medications have to be administered differently because of the nature of our body. For example, some biologic drugs such as antibodies, insulin, and vaccines should be more effective by means of via injection […]

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Image credit: Cockrell School of Engineering at UT.

Scientists Find Fastest, Smallest Nanomotor Yet

The application of nanotechnology in the medical field is mainly focused on drug delivery without harming any healthy cells. In addition to this useful approach, there are still more applications at present, the nanomotors are one of them. By using energy to move, nanomotors, the device opposing to nanoparticles, generally […]

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