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Image credit: Dick Mulder. A small snake emerges from a larger one that had recently eaten it

A Snake Escapes from a Larger Snake’s Mouth

An amazing photo showed that a snake managed to escape after being eaten by a larger serpent, because the smaller snake was lucky enough to be undigested as its predator became the prey for a pet cat. Usually we are used to the stories about one predator getting topped by […]

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Image credit: photo credit: Discovery Channel. Paul Rosolie with the snake he says he will allow to eat him alive

The Trailer for Man “Eaten Alive” By Anaconda Has Been Released on Discovery Channel

On Discovery Channel, the trailer has been released to describe the adventure about Paul Rosolie , a filmmaker who has claimed that he was lucky enough to be alive for telling the story when he went inside the jaws of an anaconda. In the trailer, Paul Rosolie put on a suit, which […]

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