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Image credit: jaddingt / Shutterstock.

WHO Approves Ebola Rapid Test

After the successful trial on a large scale in West Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently approved a new device capable of diagnosis of Ebola virus infection within just fifteen minutes. Hopefully, this newly developed test would promote the rate of diagnosis in remote areas so as to […]

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Image credit: Harvard's Wyss Institute

Scientists Print Ebola Test onto Biological Litmus Paper

Scientists at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have developed the new technology using the tiny piece of filter paper as a handy diagnostics laboratory, which is condensed into a strip in the size of pocket. Such technology serves an inexpensive and easy means for detection of a wide range of infections or medically vital […]

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A female Gambian fruit bat.Image credit: Ivan Kuzmin.

Bat Soup, the Culprit of Spreading Deadly Ebola Virus

It is reported that the outbreak of the Ebola virus has deprived the lives of 63 people in Guinea of Africa. To fight against the prevalence of such deadly disease, the officials in the Guinean government have taken unprecedented measures to ban having bat soup and grilled bat as well […]

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