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Image credit: Emory Eye Center, via New York Times

Ebola Changed a Man’s Eye Color from Blue to Green

When Dr. Ian Crozier survived Ebola and left the hospital just two months later, he suffered from severe pain and deteriorating vision in his left eye, which had been horrifically changed from blue to green. According to a report from the New York Times, doctors discovered that the left eye of Crozier […]

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Image credit: Wiki edit 2 via wikimedia commons. Eye color can depend on light as much as genetics.These are the same eyes in different light.

How Do Eyes Get Their Blue Color?

If you like to read poems, sometimes you may find the poets prefer to describe beautiful eyes as the sea or sky, but actually they possibly do not know how accurate their description is. In each instance, the color is regarded as the scattering of multicolored light rather than a product of […]

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