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Image credit: The sperm "harpoon" shown on its side. Heping Zheng, PhD, University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Does Sperm Use Tiny Harpoons to Fertilize an Egg?

It is reported that scientists have found very small “harpoons” on sperm that enable them to take onto eggs and other sperm in the course of fertilization. This discovery, resulting from fourteen-year research, is published in the journal Andrology. According to the scientists from the University of Virginia (UVA), sperm are capable of creating […]

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Image credit: Worldwidefeatures.com

Why Two Sisters Look So Different from Each Other?

It is normal that siblings would have no resemblance to one another. However, when you first meet these two beautiful girls, you may find that they are totally different in their appearance. Actually it is amazing that they are not only sisters, but twins as well. In fact, you have […]

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A fertilized human egg Image credit: Wellcome Images.

Whence Life? Scientists Found Receptors Responsible For Fertilization

According to the latest research, it is reported that scientists have found the receptors which can make sperm and egg cells be linked together so as to create new life. If you are asked by your children where they came from, you may tell the story of Izumo and Juno, […]

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