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Image credit: hepingting, "Autism," via Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0

Scientists Find Autism Can Be Largely Down to Genes

While it is not quite clear about how autism is caused at present, both genetics and the environment are closely linked with it according to the prevailing idea. However, it is still difficult to establish the relevant contributions of these two factors associated with autism. Based on the investigation of […]

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Image credit: Worldwidefeatures.com

Why Two Sisters Look So Different from Each Other?

It is normal that siblings would have no resemblance to one another. However, when you first meet these two beautiful girls, you may find that they are totally different in their appearance. Actually it is amazing that they are not only sisters, but twins as well. In fact, you have […]

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Image credit: Kennewick Man's skull, front view. Courtesy of Smithsonian/Chip Clark

DNA Results Indicate Kennewick Man Was Native American

In 1996, two students found Ancient human remains on a river bank in Kennewick, Washington, so the skeleton they discovered was nicknamed as Kennewick Man. The remains was dated back to 9,000 years ago and it is thought to be one of the most complete skeletons unearthed so far in […]

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Image credit: Teza Harinaivo Ramiandrisoa via flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

Reproduction Later in Life Is a Marker of Longevity for Women

During the period from 1970 to 2006, the women aged over 35 gave birth to their first baby┬áhave been increased by more than eight times. This trend depends on various factors, including well-developed assistance techniques for fertility. However, a new research undertaken by Thomas Perls of Boston University School of […]

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