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Image credit: This is possibly one of the darkest digital tapestries in recent memory. murdermap.co.uk

Incredibly Grim Interactive “Murder Map” Reveals Where You Are Most likely To Be Murdered

In London, there is a man named as Peter Stubley, who is the former court reporter at London’s Old Bailey, the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales. This Stubley has founded a website where people could see when and how Londoners have been murdered. Murder Map help people to zoom in […]

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Image credit: NRK Viten/YouTube

A Physicist Fires Weapon Underwater – with His Own Life on the Line

Recently, Andreas Wahl, who was a bold physicist, was seen to hang him 14 meters off the side of rickety looking warehouse for the sake of science. In his latest video, he was shown to risk his own life so as to test the power of fluid resistance by firing a loaded gun. In […]

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Image credit: Stefano Carnevali/Shutterstock

More People Have Died from Selfies than Shark Attack This Year, Reports Show

We have to accept this fact that sometimes people would do something stupid, even if the smartest guys are prone to idiocy; because common sense is not necessarily required for a high IQ. Therefore, there are quite a number of people who think it is naturally right to place themselves […]

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