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Image credit: The stuff of nightmares. Frédérique Voisin-Demery/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Why Standing on Lego Bricks Hurts You So Much?

You would be not believe that if you step on a Lego brick with your bare foot, you could feel kind of pain which was unknown to you before. In this case, you would be wondering that such colorful and playful interlocking bricks of plastic could be such a distressful […]

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Image credit: Carl Merriman via Lego Ideas.

The Lego Microscope Really Does Its Job!

With Lego bricks, Lego artist Carl Merriman has successfully created a microscope of the totally functional compound. The LEGO Microscope MkII is capable of the 10x magnification by installed with the magnifying glasses, adjustable knobs as well as LEDs. Like the microscope used at a lab, this one also have the coarse and […]

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Lego plant. Lego walls hold a transparent growth medium mimicking soil. The versatile setup allows researchers to see how plants respond to increasing levels of nutrients, which are here dyed orange. Image credit: Lind et al / PLOS ONE

A New Use of Legos: Growing Plants

Legos: a plant  researcher’s new BFF. It is commonly known that Legos could be used to create various kinds of things such as castles, pirate ships as well as miniature dockyards. However a new study has discovered that they could be also good at working out something totally new, which is to study […]

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