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Image credit: Slowed down, you can see the glowing tendrils of lightning as they creep towards the ground. ZT Research/Vimeo

Watch Lightning Strike in a Slow Motion Mode

When a sudden bolt of lightning takes place in such a rapid way, it has left no time for us to enjoy its amazingly natural beauty, because the normal speed at which it happens is nearly 360,493 kilometers per hour. From the video presented here, you can watch a lightning storm in South […]

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Image credit: Lightning Wall by أسامة الطيب via Wikimedia commons. Licensed by CC.

An Introduction to Dark Lightning

As we know, lightning is caused by the charge separation in a cloud. When electrons negatively charged is accumulated at the basis of a thundercloud, anything it passes over would be positively charged. If the cloud passes over a quite high object, such as a skyscraper, the electrons could jump […]

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Image credit: Scott Sheppard, Severe Studios. When a lightning strike hit him Scott Sheppard did not film the bolt itself, but caught the aftermath.

A Man Films Being Struck by Lightning

Recently Scott Sheppard, a storm chaser with Severe Studios, being attracted by a tempest near Fairburn in the state of South Dakota, was struck by lightning when he was very close to it. Even though he failed to film the bolt on spot, he had actual experience of being in the storm. […]

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