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Image credit: Screen shot via Air Umbrella

A Novel Air Umbrella Generates a “Force Field” to Keep You from the Rain

Generally you have to hold a soggy umbrella on a rainy day, but it might be changed now. Recently a Chinese company developed new umbrella called Air Umbrella. Instead of using fabric, it turns to forced air to make a canopy which could be able to prevent the raindrops from […]

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Image credit: Zhang et al., 2014 Journal of Materials Chemistry.

A Lithium-Ion Battery Can Be Stretched by 600%

According to the study published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry, a group of scientists from Fudan University, China, has developed kind of lithium-ion battery with the superb stretch up to 600%, but at the same time, it is still capable of maintaining its amazing electrochemical properties. At present, stretchy electronic […]

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