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Image credit: This is possibly one of the darkest digital tapestries in recent memory. murdermap.co.uk

Incredibly Grim Interactive “Murder Map” Reveals Where You Are Most likely To Be Murdered

In London, there is a man named as Peter Stubley, who is the former court reporter at London’s Old Bailey, the Central Criminal Court of England and Wales. This Stubley has founded a website where people could see when and how Londoners have been murdered. Murder Map help people to zoom in […]

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Image credit: The geographically accurate version. Transport for London

Secret Geographically Accurate London Underground System Map Revealed

If it was your first time to look at the London underground map, you would possibly think that there was not so much to talk about. With color-coded lines, dots and zones, it is quite simple to use your finger to plan a trip. However, local residents and regular visitors […]

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