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Image credit: Heffernan & Mehmedinovic, Skyglow. If we could see the city skyline without atmospheric and light pollution, this is how it might look.

Incredible Video Gives You an Idea on What LA’s Night Skies Would Look Like without Pollution

In the eyes of many people, it seems that light pollution is not harmful, compared with the air pollution. In fact, light pollution could be quite threatening in regard to the interference city lights with the visibility of dark skies. To let more people know about such problem and what […]

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Image credit: Six of the 30 new fly species discovered in Los Angeles. From left to right, these specimens are: Megaselia mikejohnsoni, M. creasoni, M. francoae, M. donahuei, M. lombardorum, and M. rodriguezorum / Kelsey Bailey

30 New Species of Flies Found in Los Angeles

Helped by local people in Los Angeles, scientists have found 30 new species of flies that have been buzzing around this big city. The project of BioSCAN, short termed after Biodiversity Science: City and Nature, is a three-year investigation targeted on biodiversity patterns in the region of Los AngelesCounty, which […]

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