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SpaceX Test of the SuperDraco Engine in 2014

SpaceX Began Testing Mars Rocket Engine

SpaceX has been working very hard to send a rocket to Mars in 2018. Now the company has officially declared that it has sent its new engine out for testing. If this project is successful,  SpaceX would be the first private company,which is able to another planet. The Raptor, the latest […]

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Image credit: Ordnance Survey/Flickr

115-Megapixel Map of Mars Released

Like a picture could be much worthy than a thousand words, it would be possibly better than data. The amazing cartographic map of Mars is the best example in this respect. This picture is commissioned by Dr. Peter Grindrod, a British scientist engaged in the European ExoMars mission. Ordnance Survey (OS), the British mapping […]

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Image credit: Opportunity grinding rocks in the Marathon Valley. NASA

The Opportunity Rover Celebrated Twelve Years on Mars

On Sunday, January 24, 2004, NASA’s Mars rover Opportunity first landed on the surface of Mars, so it have been 12 Earth years there this year. Being budgeted to last 90 days, Opportunity was expected to have a lifespan for several months, because its solar panel was thought to possibly covered […]

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Image credit: Shown is the Veggie system on the ISS. NASA.

Astronauts on the ISS Eat Space-Grown Salad for the First Time in History

If humans could successfully manage to go to Mars, or hopefully go further to the Solar System, it is vital for their survival that they should become self-sustainable and capable of growing their own food on these very long journeys. To realize such goal, at present an important step has […]

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Image credit: NASA/GSFC

NASA Study Suggests Early Mars Once Had a Vast Ocean

With six-year observation of atmosphere and recording of water signatures of the Mars, scientists have found it strongly evident that early Mars not only had a much wetter world than they thought before, but also owned a huge northern ocean consisting of a fifth of its surface. The size of […]

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Image credit: Bryan Versteeg/Mars One

Mars One Project Selects 100 Finalists

Nearly a quarter of a million applicants are courageous enough to seek for a one-way ticket to Mars. Finally 100 hopeful space explorers are selected in this process and in two-year time, those lucky ones would have the chance to go onboard. This result of selection has just been recently made […]

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Image credit: NASA/MSFC. Artist concept of NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) 70-metric-ton configuration launching to space.

NASA Sets World’s Most Powerful Deep Space Rocket to Launch in 2018

According to NASA Administrator Charles Boden in a recent news release , the Space Launch System (SLS), the most powerful exploration rocket in the world, will be launched in its first test mission by November 2018. The SLS is designed to take human on the further scientific exploration that leads to […]

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Image credit: Rover image from Gale Crater reveals soil features similar to paleosols (ancient fossilized soils) on Earth / University of Oregon

Earth-like Soils Found on Mars Indicate Microbial Life

On the basis of the latest images sent back by the rover Curiosity, some geologists confirmed that on Mars, there might be similar soils like Earth, because Mars used to be a warmer and wetter planet. To be exact, the ancient fossilized soils deep in an impact crater give the clue […]

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