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Image credit: J P via Flickr.

The Sinister Side of Gentle-Looking Meerkats Brings Benefits

Alpha meerkat females, though have gentle-looking, have their sinister side: They will make sure they are on the top mongoose by killing and even eating their grandchildren. The sinister side of Timon’s cuddly kind has been published in Nature Communications last month. Wild meerkats (Suricata suricatta) live in groups (called […]

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Fork-tailed drongo. Image credit: Dick Daniels / Wikimedia Commons.

This Deceptive Bird Steals Foods from Other Animals by Imitating Their Calls

“Hello, I’m a fellow meerkat, and I’ll be happy to watch your lunch while you take a break.” In Australia, the term “drongo” sometimes describes a dummy or halfwit person. However, the drongo is also name of the bird in Africa, which is not dumb actually. Based on the study published in the newest […]

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