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Image credit: Tschauner et al., 2014, Science/AAAS

Earth’s Most Abundant Mineral Finally Given a Name

Although it consists of a third of the Erath, the world’s most abundant mineral has not got its name for a quite long time,  scientists was unable to get a natural sample of it to characterize. At present, after nearly intensive searching for fifty years, scientists have found a specimen […]

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Image credit: Cheryl Colan, "Meteor Crater" via Flickr. CC BY-NC 2.0

Rare Mineral Unearthed in 450 Million-Year-Old Meteorite Impact Crater

When researchers were exploring an ancient meteorite impact crater in Wisconsin, they found a very unusual mineral which had been discovered three other places before. Such mineral, was known as reidite, a polymorph of the fairly strong gemstone zircon to be generated when the zircon was exposed to quite high pressures. Scientists […]

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